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Check out all the work we've been doing these past several years! From spooky sets to dramatic love stories and intense dramas, we're building a diverse catalog of films that we are proud to share!

booo (2024)

Coming soon in 2024


i see you (2023)

An Actors Co-op Original Film

A young woman sees the beauty and potential in discarded items... and in discarded people. But she never sees the beauty and potential in herself, until this truth is reflected back to her.  



ABOUT (from director Val McAdoo)
I SEE YOU is near and dear to my heart. It is a story about a young woman who can see the potential in items that are discarded and left in the trash. Not not only can she visualize bringing these trashed items to their former beauty, but she also knows how these items can work together to create a welcoming and harmonious living space.

The young woman also can easily see the potential in a downtrodden man that she comes across on her daily walks. Although she is much younger than this man, she embodies the spirit of motherhood. With kindness and encouragement, she watches him as he progresses through the stages of development (from lying to sitting, pulling himself up, to taking his first steps) as a mother watching her child grow and thrive.
But with all of her selfless love, she sometimes neglects to see the beauty in her own soul, until this newfound friend reflects it back to her. 

Twist of Fate (2023)

A Rodel Belafonte Brown Film

In a small town where nothing exciting ever happens, a young woman, Monica Stevens, on a visit to her favorite cafe, begins to fear for her life after the arrival of a suspicious man who she believes is stalking her.


Ageless love (2022)

A Joshua Coates Film

“AgeLess Love" is a beautiful true love story about the depth of one man’s love. A story that teaches us all, that love is love, and fight it as we may, if and when it comes calling, sometimes the only thing any of us can do is surrender to it. 


DELCO TIMES ARTICLE (read full article here )
"The Actors Co-op in Swarthmore was instrumental in moving the film along on its quick timeline... Val McAdoo and Pete Postiglione were vital to the production." ~ Dir Joshua Coates


An Actors Co-op Original Film

VENGANZA is a black and white short film with title cards that tells a classic fairytale with a modern twist


Game Day (2021)

A No Restrictions Entertainment Film

GAME DAY is a raw, humorous, and emotionally gripping film about an Italian-American family from Philadelphia who passionately gathers every Sunday to watch their beloved Eagles. However, on this Sunday, as each quarter of the game unfolds, arguments, fights, and bitter realizations arise within the family, exposing deep divisions and rivalries that turn child against parent, husband against wife, with grandparents and siblings battling it out until the bitter end. Who will win? 

"Some Rivalries are Fought on the Gridiron... 

Others are Fought in the Living Room."


HollyWould (2019)

A Joshua Coates Film 

Award-winning writer and celebrity Mark Travis seeks inspiration by returning to his hometown. What he finds is not what he expected. Her name is Holly. What Holly would do, is like nothing Mark has ever experienced before.